Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Total Eclipse

Some call me Aeriath...

Lady Aeriath sat patiently as the servants undressed her of the stiff satin skirts. The oriental silk sheets under her body were sumptuously new and soft, and she sighed as she sunk into the luxury. Aeriath endured the routine lurch of her innards, as each string of the corset was let out, allowing her finally to breathe. The young Lady of Thirguard did not gasp, or faint upon the release, as did many other ladies of the court, for her mind was far away, almost unaware of her physical presence entirely. The Lady stood, slipping her small frame into a long night dress and her tiny feet into golden, embroidered slippers. She padded softly over to the bay window, from which the light of the setting sun seeped. Lady Aeriath always rose and set with the sun, just one oddity of her behaviour which earned her little favour in the courts. She was respected, her radiant beauty admired, and her powerful voice adhered to; yet she had always seemed too distant to really love and cherish. As she slowly drifted into slumber, she moved a small hand to the intricate pendent lying on her chest, and felt the warmth of the bond take her away.

Some call me May...

May awoke with a start, her hand lingering over the pendent around her neck. It was her sole possession and she treasured it more than life itself. She murmured an inaudible goodnight, seemingly to no other physical presence, and rose to the serene luminosity of a rounded moon. She tousled her cropped hair, making no difference to the effect of sleep, sighed and darted into the night. May woke only with the moon and it's shadows, and she slipped through the night, silent as a predator. She had dreamt again of the red haired lady and her finery, the sister she had known from birth, yet had never met. May stared at the rounded moon from the rooftops of the citadel making a resolution in her mind, a frown in her dark features all the more prominent against startling white skin. One day she would find the young lady who haunted her dreams; little did she know that day would bring a darkness to the world like no other.

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