Saturday, 11 December 2010

HP Blogfest!

Hi all!
Today I am posting my entry for Michael's (over at In Time...) Harry Potter themed blogfest! Here is the brief:

In honor of HP, I would like to have an HP blogfest. In 500 words, I would like you to create a scene with any of the HP characters from any of the seven books. It could be anything you want. Funny, magical, serious, etc. And for an added twist, let's have it set during the holidays. Christmas or Thanksgiving. 

In addition to this we also had to involve ourselves in the scene! This I'll admit I found tough, trying to write how I would genuinely think and react was quite challenging! Still I couldn't resist placing myself as a student in Hogwarts when the opportunity arrived, having been a long held fantasy of mine. I hope you enjoy my story!

I walked slowly down the corridor, trailing a finger on the rough, familiar stone and humming a festive tune. My stomach was contentedly full with rich, moist chocolate cake and warm eggnog, and I smiled somewhat wistfully. As I had sat at the friendly Hufflepuff table, my last Christmas at Hogwarts had a sense of both celebration and sadness. Lost in the sentimental musings of my mind, I did not notice a hovering light down the corridor. Upon finally seeing it, I froze, unable to prevent the irregular hammering of my heart in my chest. I swallowed dryly, an irrational fear suggesting possibilities to my mind and I shook my head as if to dispel them.
“Hello?” I called out, my voice cracking in the darkness of the corridor. I cursed myself for offering to help clear up after the feast, forgetting the dark walk back to the dorms. “I’m a prefect you know…” I stuttered trying to place some kind of authority in my voice. The only reply I received was a snigger and an unintelligible whisper. I sighed, raising an eyebrow; I had fallen into a Christmas prank it seemed. I ventured forward in a somewhat tentative manner, looking around for the usual traps. There were no dungbombs or stink pellets as it seemed to my trained eye, only the hovering candle.
A rustle of paper from that direction, caused me to frown and search for movement in the dark alcoves of the passage; still I could see no-one.  There were sudden curses in chorus of male voices and a hissed “It’s Lily”. I glanced around in wonder, as feet seemed to hurry across the corridor, seemingly with no bodies. The candle fell to the cold stone floor with an echoed crash, and the light was extinguished. I panicked a little, searching my pockets for my wand. “Lumos” I murmured seeing the glow of the light sprout forth from the dark elm.
Suddenly, I heard footsteps down the corridor interrupting the strange goings on. I turned to see Lily Evans making her way towards me, a strange, knowing smile playing on her lips when she saw my slightly paled face and guarded expression. “Evening Emma,” she greeted me nodding before walking straight past, to the rolling candle on the floor. She sighed loudly, marking her exasperation, before moving over to an alcove.  With a tug she pulled a large cloak, which seemed to materialise from the air, to reveal James Potter and Sirius Black grinning sheepishly.  I gaped in astonishment, and Lily passed me a look, rolling her eyes, before turning back to the whispering boys. “Severus walked a different way, you idiots” she remarked raising an eyebrow as Sirius frowned over a piece of parchment, apparently searching for something. I remained mystified at the odd events and shrugged, moving towards the dorm. I smiled as I passed, hearing James whisper “Merry Christmas Lily” and plant a gentle kiss on her blushing cheek, under a flourish of mistletoe.

500 words exactly, may I add! Let me know what you think, Thanks for reading,

Em x


  1. How wonderful that you chose to write about the HP characters who were killed off. Very dreamy. I like that you could perform magic too. Darn I missed that idea! I must be a muggle at heart and I always dreamt of being magical.LOL!
    I'd love some of that chocolate cake, Mmmm! :O)

  2. Very nice! Those two pranksters NEED to get caught... though you KNOW Sirius would have jumped out and asked for a snog... it's just how he is.

  3. The Marauders must have confounded a lot of students in their day! You know already I do like your writing style and you have a good grasp of how to paint a picture of a scene that is vivid in the reader's mind.

  4. I really enjoyed this, it is hard to put your self inside the story huh? I had a hard time of it as well. I liked how you made it from the past instead of with Harry- well done

  5. That darn cloak! Fun entry. "Idiots" hehe!

  6. I liked this a lot Emma. You added Snape and that was cool. I guess I missed the part where I was supposed to be in the story. LOL
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  7. I love your Harry Potter story! Especially since it involves Lily and James--there's not much about them, comparatively. :)

  8. Aw thanks for the lovely comments everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

  9. Emma,

    First off, your descriptions are great! I felt all of you angst and the setting of the scene.

    You were very clever making me suspect Peeves was the culprit. Nice element of surprise when Lily showed up instead revealing James and Sirius.

    I also liked that you introduced yourself as a Hufflepuff prefect in the story. Most people would have chosen Gryffindor. I myself have been put in the Ravenclaw house many times when I took the tests online.

    Now you know my secret.... I am an HP freak.

    I am very happy you found my blog and entered. You write very well and I look forward to getting to know you better through your writing.

    Thank you for your participation. It has made my first blogfest very fun and successful.


  10. Several of us had exact 500 word counts! Great minds must think alike!

    Cute story, Emma!! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love Mauraders-era fan fic! You did a great job putting yourself into the story, too :)

  12. Loved that it wasn't Peeves! You totally had me there. Great minds must think alike because I had James, Lily and Sirius in my entry too. (Though I wrote mine before I realized we were supposed to be in the scene too.) Great job.

  13. Wonderfully written piece. I love that you used Lily, Sirius, and James in a fun way. Very imaginative and I truly enjoyed it! :D

  14. And you didn't even take any points from Gryffindor! That's so friendly of you. :) Great story!

  15. Thanks again everyone, heart warming comments indeed! Michael don't I'm sure many of us here have tested ourselves, I have! I always come out Hufflepuff and I'm proud to say so!
    Plus I'm a prefect in real life, so I transferred that certain responsibility!
    I've loved reading everyone else's entries, the variety was great fun! I still say great minds think alike with Lisa, Melissa and my 'Marauders' themed entries though!

  16. By the way, Michael this is my favourite Sorting Hat Quiz, it tells you how much of each house you are!

  17. Loved your use of the cloak and the map. Well done!

  18. Wow!! wow!!

    Exorbitant imagination!! Really cool one!! Didn't think that anyone would go into past!! Don't forget to visit my post!!! I will be much better (i hope)

    with warm regards

  19. Lovely dreamy post. It's nice to see Lily interacting with the others.