Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Unpredictable Tale - Round One

Below is the first story which came from my game. I explained the way which this game worked in the rules here:
I hope you enjoy it, this was certainly a challenge!

The sound of the machine guns rattled around John Browning’s head as he ran up the steep and slippery mountain path. The towering giants of the Pyrenees loomed down on his young shoulders, seemingly a reminder of the oppression from which he was running. He wiped the bitter sweat from his brow, stopping to survey the inhospitable land around him. His attractive dark features were pulled into a grimace of pain and fear. He should not have run, he would surely be caught and brutally shot, but then even death seemed a sweet release from that never-ending assault of fear.
A sudden noise startled John, his face blanching white, he dived for the side of the road. He lay panting in the thorny bushes, wishing himself silent, in anguish. Soon a young boy came around the corner, his face was dirty and his knees soiled with dried blood. There was an onslaught of tears streaming down his face and he fell to his knees, whimpering for his mama. The boy’s innocent pain cut John to the heart, and he stepped towards the child, simply holding out his roughened hand. John wept and felt, as the boy, lost and disillusioned with the world.
John led the boy down the road, feeling his hands cleansed of their sins, as they engulfed the boy’s innocence and transcending trust.
Suddenly John felt himself being thrown backwards by a landmine, a force that seemed to split his body into a million pieces, and he felt the small hand flailing away from his grip. He was aware of a deathly scream coming from his lungs, although his mind seemed far away from the physical realm. He saw himself reach for the boy, from whose sleeve scarlet pain was seeping, and drag him into a protective embrace.
John felt the pain overwhelm him as he tentatively crept back into his body, rocking over the limp frame of the young boy. He felt hot tears fall freely down his cheeks, as he leant close to the picture of purity in his arms. The death of his innocence and his hope was surely irredeemable, still they prevailed. The boy fluttered his wet eyelashes open, and stared into the eyes of his protector, the reverence of life conquering the corruption of his body. John stared back rapturously, only his soul soared far above with the epiphany of true, innocent joy. 

If you were wondering the options that came up were:

1] Fighter
2] Male
3] Mountains
4] The World Wars
5] Child
6] Male
7] There was an Explosion
8] Joy

Hope you enjoyed the read!


  1. It was strange how the first four were so relevant. To have got Joy after writing the first three paragraphs was a bit of a shock! It was very well handled though and your use of language is very poetic.

  2. Good story, I can guess which number you rolled with each step. What fun.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  3. Gosh that's so intense. I am all fired up to have a go now. :O)

  4. Thanks so much both of you!
    I'm glad you like the game, of course you can substitute the options to whatever you like, to make it all the more fun!

  5. Hi Emma I have scheduled mine to post up on Tuesday 7th. I've enjoyed the challenge and hope I've interpreted it sufficiently within the rules of your game. I look forward to seeing your entry for my blogfest too. :O)