Thursday, 9 December 2010

Through the Keyhole!

The lovely Madeleine at Scribble and Edit is running a Blogfest called Through the Keyhole!
The instructions were to write a descriptive passage detailing the room of a person, so you can guess who that person is! I hope you have fun trying to figure this one out, I didn't even know until I was halfway through!

The luxurious, creamy, soft pillows are freshly plumped, complimented with a small mint on a silver platter. The walls of the small room are perfectly white and smooth, with a smart inlayed metal, reflecting the powerful bright lights on the ceiling. The room has a large screen built into the wall, tracking the progress of the ship and the detailing the surroundings outside. There is, of course, no window to see out of in the cabin, and the internalised computer regularly states in a calm and friendly voice, ‘we are now only 42 days from our destination, all systems are working in order, I hope you are having a good journey with the star-cross express.’ This is subsequently repeated in multiple languages. There is a touch screen built into the glass and steel desk, detailing the menu and activities for the day, currently up on the screen is an advertisement for a sky-deck show with a famous impersonator.
Lying on the bed is an untouched thick dressing gown, embroidered with a golden emblem, and a large suitcase. The case contains a large and tattered book on the legend of the mafia, a brief guide to dialects of the modern world, an android device for accessing the world news database and hologram message hub. The hub is playing a touching message from a middle aged woman, wishing the recipient a good journey and a safe return, but flashes with other ‘locked’ messages categorised as business. Surprisingly, there is a rather large pile of worn clothes lying in the corner of the room, unfitting to the smart grandeur of the setting. Under closer inspection, it seems perhaps the inhabitant is not the first class passenger they seem. Peeking suspiciously from the pile of clothes is an old fashioned cheque book, which has thick black lines covering details of previous transactions. There is crinkled paper money stashed in a steel box, seeming to have been held in fond hands too many a time. The android device lingers over unstable markets which dip and rise in a repetitive wave, watching and reporting large transactions. In well oiled draws under the dresser, and hidden under reams of rich attire are wigs and contact lenses, along with a box of prosthetics.
Returning to the suitcase, in a zipped up pocket appears to be a modern holographic passport, only it is flickering from one image to another, finding no substantial person. John Smith, Hector Worthington, Jacques de Bonne show their faces, all seeming to share a slightly intimidating, stern expression.
Suddenly, the sound of applause on the deck above causes me to throw the passport back on the bed and scurry out of the room, wondering all the while, who could possibly inhabit that room? 

Hope you liked it!
Em x


  1. travel, futuristic, cryptic clues. I love it! Perhaps a future spy?

  2. Really enjoyed this, glad you got time to do it. I think it may be on a spaceship, a large inter-stellar passenger liner, conveying some kind of Bourne agent? :O)

  3. Close! Absolutely right on the setting, but not quite right on the person! Keep guessing!

  4. I love this entry, especially the futuristic aspect.

    Hmmm. As for who it is . . . I really don't know.

  5. Hi Emma,

    Very well written. IF this is a sample of your usually writing style you will be a serious contender in my blogfest.

    I would have emailed you, but I couldn't find one to contact you. In answer to question, you can write any thing you wish, past, present, or future as long as there is one recognizable HP character.

    It's very nice to meet you and I hope to see you at my blog often. I will certainly keep up with yours.


  6. I have a key award that you can pass on to anyone who guessed your room's occupant correctly over at mine. Thanks for joining the fest it was great fun to read your entry. :O)

  7. I really enjoyed your entry Emma. It is as always well written and imaginative. At first I thought it was a crew member on a space ship, then I realised that this was a person who wore disguises, and assumed fake identities, someone particularly interested in money. I told you who I thought it was, and you told me the answer, so I won't repeat it here!

    Well done!